Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ontario Weekly Grocery Flyer Deals for April 3 - April 9, 2009

I am so excited by the frozen fruit deal I will get this week! On the other hand, I am disappointed to see I spent too much on the frozen veggies I stocked up on last week.

Grocery deals this week:

Price Chopper:
  • Tropicana orange juice for $2.97 for 2.63L
  • Saporito vegetable oil for $3.99 for 3L
  • Astro Original Yogurt for $2.29 for 750g (Can't stock up on this, but not a bad price. Last week I got it for $2 which is even better.)
  • Cucumbers for $0.89
  • Green Giant veggies for $1.88 for 750g. Ohhh... I stocked up last week at $2 per bag. I'll make a note that the prices go down even farther and wait for this sale next time! They are also this price at Foodland, if that is more convenient.
  • Broccoli for $0.97 for a large size. (Not local yet, but we like some variety!)
  • Ground Pork for $3.49 for 450 g (Not an amazing deal, but a favourite)
  • Lemons and limes for $0.99 for 3 large.
Food Basics:
  • Europe's Best Frozen Fruit for $3.49 for 600 g -$2.00 using the coupons I got last week! (And a much better deal then the $4.99 they are on sale for at Price Chopper)
  • Europe's Best Frozen veggies for $1.99 for 300g to 600g -$1.00. I will have to check these out. The 600 g packages are a great deal, cheaper than the Green Giant veggies. The 300 g packages aren't such a great deal. And if nobody will eat them, they aren't a great deal.
  • Carnation Evaporated Milk for $0.99 for 370mL
  • Dole Pineapple for $0.59 for 398mL

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