Sunday, April 26, 2009

Canned Tomatoes at Price Chopper

At my local Price Chopper I discovered Unico canned tomatoes on sale for $0.77 per 796 mL can. I didn't see this price listed in their flyer, but it is a good deal I thought I would mention, especially if you aren't near a Superstore, where the same tomatoes are price locked at $0.79 per can.

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  1. Loblaws has Astro 0% yogurt on 12 pk for $2.99 but there is a coupon on the cardboard jacket for $1.00 off next purchase. Also the fruit cereal bars are on $1.67 a pack of 8 (.21 each). I usually make my own but hubby is going interior camping at Algonquin and needs small snacks for the canoe trip. Anyway they are normally $2.99.