Friday, April 24, 2009

Seedlings Sprouting in the Basement: Growing Your Own Food

We have seedling growing in our basement, waiting until it is warm enough to move outside and grow into a nice, big vegetables.

We transformed a large section of our backyard into a vegetable garden two years ago, when we moved in to our first home, and we have been very pleased. Last year, my husband was not thrilled when I decided I didn't like the layout we had created the first year, and at my insistence, we re-dug all of our garden beds. This year should be our best year yet, because we won't need to do quite so much digging!

Right now, my husband has tomato, cucumber, melon and squash seedlings growing in our basement. I know we are going to plant potatoes and spinach too, because those are favourites of mine.

I think I might also try my hand at planting potatoes in a garbage can. I think I can probably manage that as my very own special project!

My husband is the master gardener at our house, but I can't wait to reap the harvest.

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