Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ontario Weekly Grocery Flyer Deals for April 24 - April 30, 2009

Every week I look at the flyers for Sobeys, Foodland, No Frills, Price Chopper, Food Basics, Real Canadian Superstore, and Zehrs (a Loblaws store, which should have the same sales as Loblaws and Fortinos). I also look through the food section of the Pharma Plus and Shoppers Drug mart flyers, as well as my Walmart and Zellers flyers. My goal is to find food that is worth stocking up on, because it is at the lowest price I can expect to find it.

This week, there isn't much to buy again. I will probably go to Price Chopper to get some Cheerios, and Ontario tomatoes and cucumber. The potatoes are a good deal, but we don't need any yet. I will probably swing by No Frills to get the good deal on Ontario apples, and I can get my yogurt there this week. If I am near a Zehrs, we may pick up some ham, but other than that, I'm not doing much shopping this week.

What do you think is the best deal of the week?

Price Chopper

  • Whole chickens, fresh for $1.49 per lb or $3.28 per kg. Not as good as last week, but okay.
  • Cheerios, $2.49 for 370-525 g. Shows Honey nut, but says cheerios, so should be regular too.
  • Hot house tomatoes, from Ontario, for $0.99 per lb or $2.18 per kg
  • Seedless cucumbers, from Ontario, for $0.99 each
  • Russet potatoes, from Ontario, $2.99 for a 10lb bag
No Frills
  • Empire or McIntosh apples, from Ontario for $2.49 for 4 lbs
  • Unico vegetable oil, $3.99 for 3 L, price locked
  • Tuna, no name, $0.87 for 170 g, price locked
  • Yogurt, no name, $1.97 for 750 g, price locked
  • PC Black Forest ham, deli sliced, $0.99 per 100 g
Food Basics
  • Equality Brand Cheese bars, 520g for $4.99 ($0.96 per 100g. I have got name brand cheese for as little as $0.66 per 100g, but this isn't a bad price if you want some cheese.)
  • Europe's Best frozen fruit, 600 g for $3.79. This was down to $3.49 just a few weeks ago. Still, a pretty good deal if you use the $2 off coupons that were around. I have heard rumors there were more at Loblaws stores last week, but I haven't been able to find any.
  • Astro yogurt, price locked at $1.99 for 750 g
  • Unico tomatoes, still price locked at $0.79 per 796 mL can. Last week, I found I could get the unsalted variety at this price.


  1. I appreciate your weekly summary of specials especially since I live in KW as well. Gotta learn to use coupons. I just have a hard time finding them.
    Thanks! SC

  2. Don't forget to look for coupons online at! Keep your eyes peeled at the grocery store too. Also, I get coupons delivered to my door with the weekly local free paper. When you start looking, you will find coupons everywhere!