Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Canadian Online Coupons

One aspect of saving money is collecting coupons. There aren't always coupons available for the things I want, and sometimes coupons don't save me any money, but some coupons are valuable, and I collect them and use them. My list of coupon tips explains how I use coupons to help me save money.

The nicest coupons are the ones you can select online and have sent to your home. I love I usually try and go on one a week to select coupons I am interested in. is always available, although some coupons will only be sent a limited number of times. The coupons usually arrive very promptly.

For a limited time, you can also get coupons from Brandsaver sent to you. Brandsaver is powered by and is available for a limited time with the current coupons. It seems that they periodically introduce new coupons to send out. The same Brandsaver coupons are also delivered to me in a Brandsaver coupon flyer, so by also selecting them online I can get a second copy of the coupons I am most interested in.

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