Monday, May 4, 2009

Can I spend only $100 on Groceries in May?

I have decided to try to lower my grocery budget to $100 for the month of May. This shouldn't be too hard. I don't buy much in the way of meat on a weekly basis, because we buy our meat in bulk and my cold cellar and freezer are full of food.

My goal is to continue to stock up when I find good prices, with the idea that maybe I can permanently reduce my monthly grocery budget to $100. Budgeting is one of my weaknesses, and I am looking forward to making it my focus. At the end of the month, I will reassess my budget and decided if $100 a month (plus extra for our yearly meat purchase) is a reasonable budget to feed my family of 2 adults and 2 small children. Can I do this while still cooking healthy and tasty food?

Now, this idea developed as I was out doing my grocery shopping, so I bought a few unusual treats that were a good price. As the plan is that this will be a permanent change, I'm not going to worry about it.

So how did I do? I stuck pretty closely to the deals I had found by reading my flyers and checking my price book.

  • Clover Leaf Sockeye salmon, Wild red pacific, regular size canned salmon (213 g) on sale 2 for $3 this week. X4 cans = $6.00
  • TOTAL = $6.00
Food Basics
  • Italpasta regular pasta (450 g) for 2 for $0.99, X8 = $3.96
  • Red Rose Orange Pekoe 36 tea bags for $0.99, X1 = $0.99
  • Christie cookies, (550 g) for $1.99, X2 = $3.98
  • Maxwell House ground coffee, 925 g tin for $4.44, X1 = $4.44
  • Brown rice, $1.99
  • TOTAL = $15.36
No Frills
  • Satin Care shave gel for $1.99 - $2.00 from, X1 = $1.99 + $0.26 tax - $2.00 = $.25 (See, even FREE things aren't free!)
  • Delmonte juice boxes for $1.99
  • Cucumber for $0.99
  • TOTAL = $3.23
  • Yoplait yogurt tubs, 650 g for $1.97 - $1.00 coupon found in last month's Chatelaine magazine. X1 = $0.97
  • Always pads (18) for $2.66 - $1.00 coupon from newspaper flyer and online source X2 = ($2.66 X 2) + $0.27 tax - ($1.00 X 2) = $3.59
  • 4 L of milk = $3.99
  • TOTAL = $8.55
Grand Total of $33.14
Coupon Savings = $5.00

Overall, I think I did pretty well. I went over a $25 weekly budget (for 1/4 of my $100), but I find a monthly budget is more practical when stocking up. Depending on sales, I may only buy milk, eggs and yogurt next week!


  1. I'd love to see if $100/month works. At times I feel I spend way to much on groceries but than I still spend less than others I know. I'll be watching how you do it. (I think part of my hard part is having a picky hubby for food.)

  2. It can be done but only by using your pantry and freezer goods. I do it twice a year to empty the freezer before new produce goes into the freezer. I have to say it is amazing one can do it but I get drained at the end of the month trying to figure out 1) what to make and 2)panic because I'm use to stocking up on sales, and my supply has diminished.We have four teenagers here so food goes quickly.Having a full pantry is always re-assuring.

  3. I guess it's hard to decide how much I'm spending on groceries a week. You're probably not including laundry stuff, cleaning supplies etc. Sound like you're not including meat either, so that is probably why we spend nearer $100 a week on food! Plus there are 5 of us ;-) I thought I was good and don't spend too much!