Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick and Easy Europe's Best Stir Fry

If anyone was wondering why I am so excited about the sale on Europe's Best vegetables this week, it is because of their Zen Garden vegetables. I paid only $0.99 for 600 grams of frozen veggies. The ingredient list is simply and delicious:

Snow peas
Yellow carrots
Orange carrots
Water chestnuts
Red pepper
Baby corn
Bean sprouts

For a quick meal, combine the frozen vegetables with some cooked protein (leftover chicken, pork or beef are all nice) in a hot pan. I used leftover popcorn chicken this time. Cover for 3-5 minutes, so the veggies can thaw. Take off the lid and continue to cook while stirring until it is hot, another few minutes. Throw in some kind of Asian sauce. I like Hoisin sauce. Add a little soy sauce if you need more seasoning.
For a complete meal serve with rice!

One word of caution here, if you are into the 100 mile diet or worried about food from China, you might want to avoid Europe's Best vegetables. These ones are a product of China. For me, at this point, it is worth it! You will have to make your own choice, but I felt I should offer full disclosure in my review!

Also, I wonder if I should consider adding Hoisin sauce to my homemade convenience challenge?

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  1. I think that's such a weird thing to put on the packaging. If it's Europe's best, then they should come from Europe not China. Take the dish above, it looks more Chinese than European. I guess none of the Chinese have been to Europe. And also I haven't seen Europe's best for sale in Europe ;-)

    It's like in England you can get Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puddings. There never was an Aunt Bessie, but you feel you're buying something your Aunt may have made if she was an old fashioned cook.